Micah's Medical Massage Incorporated was formed to provide holistic health care to all people of all ages.  


Over the past 14 years of practice our therapists have provided care to clients recovering from surgery in the Intensive Care Unit and in their homes.  We are happy to report many clients avoiding surgery through our therapy, experiencing improved range of motion, cessation of pain - particularly chronic pain, achievement of athletic goals, and improved living.


Although massage therapy obviously improves physical health, it also improves emotional health as well. Massage allows the nerves to clam, causing the body to rest and regenerate.  This in turn allows the mind and emotions to let go of distress decreasing depression, anxiety and fear giving way to peace and clear thinking.



"Best massage I ever Had!!!  Everyone is highly skilled. Professionals without the attitude of superiority and intimidation.  I decided to get a deep tissue treatment.  I am so glad that I did.  Matthew intuitively found every aching spot on my body and patiently made it go away.  I can honestly say it was the best massage ever!  I've gotten my share in Seattle, Vancouver, Aspen, Las Vegas, Chicago.  Not one even came close to what this experience was.  I felt relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated for days.  Clearly a very gifted professional massage therapist yet affordable so I can indulge more often."


"I didn't want a male massage therapist.  Never had one and felt uncomfortable initially...but I was desperate for a massage after traveling.  Matthew was so professional, not to mention...the best massage therapist I have ever gone to.  Thank you so much for the relief I did not get from my chiropractor or my physical therapist.  A very nurturing environment, I will be back."

Sherry M

Micah's Medical Massage, Inc.

Real Therapy.  Real Results.

About us

About Us

Everything about us is really all about you. Whatever you do, live well!

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